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Holiday closure times

29 November 2018

...and seasonal best wishes from everyone at Cochranes of Oxford.

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Catching out the diamond fakes

14th Nov 2018

Cochranes' diamond model is used by DeBeers to educate jewellers on how to spot synthetics

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Understanding - and eradicating - chemical weapons

31st Oct 2018

Cochranes' molecular models are being used by policymakers to understand chemical weapon formulations

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Cochranes' Magnaprobes supplied to Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

29th Oct 2018

Our Magnaprobes are being used by the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in their fascinating research on magnetic and atomic excitations.

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The building blocks of DNA

26th Oct 2018

US biochemist Arthur Kornberg's work helped to unravel the secrets of DNA

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Kathleen Lonsdale, crystallographer, proves that benzene is flat

9th Oct 2018

Women in STEM - deducing the planar structure of benzene

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Recycling week - every week!

24th Sep 2018

We are committed to a sustainable environment alongside educational excellence

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Chemical structure becomes clear

19th Sep 2018

Discovering the structure of chemical compounds

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DNA helps catch a killer

10th Sep 2018

Scientist unlocks the secrets of DNA profiling to bring criminals to justice

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Benzene and chemical structure

7th Sep 2018

Huge advances in the theory of chemical structure and the discovery of a formula for Benzene

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First Nobel Prize for Chemistry

30th Aug 2018

Pioneering work in chemistry includes formulating the theory of the tetrahedral Carbon atom

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Crystals and Chemistry at Oxford University's Museum of Natural History

16th Aug 2018

Chemistry becomes crystal clear when using Cochranes models

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Cochranes' DNA model wows CEBIT

25th Jul 2018

Hewlett Packard uses supercomputing - and a Cochranes' DNA model - at CEBIT.

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British Physics Olympiad 2018 Experimental Project - Kubic Bubbles

27th Jun 2018

This year's experiment for the 2018 British Physics Olympiad is using soap film bubbles!

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Kite-making masterclass with the OYAP Trust

19th Apr 2018

The OYAP Trust in Bicester have sent us photographs from their 2 day Kite Making Masterclass with Doug Irvine

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A visit to the BETT Show London

22nd Feb 2018

Tom and Vanessa took a day out of the office to visit the BETT show in London and encountered a familiar sight.

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DNA at Ely Cathedral Science Festival

11 Sep 2017

The Orbit Proview DNA model was a key part of an exhibition during the first Ely Cathedral Science Festival 'From Dinosaurs to DNA'.

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New storage boxes for group sets

6 Sep 2016

Sturdy plastic storage solutions to last as long as our sets

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Sponsor of Imperial Festival Art installation

5 May 2016

See our connectors in action in a large installation as part of the Sensorium project at the Imperial Festival, London

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Go large! New demonstration set

16 July 2015

Plastic bonds make new version of the large-scale unit set more affordable.

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Blog posting

by Cochranes

Mathematical inspiration - from the 1960s

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Ideas for outreach activities

20 September 2014

Stuck for inspiration for your next outreach activity? Help is at hand!

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UFO-SAM among best recreational kites

12 Aug 2014

Daily Telegraph lists the UFO-SAM as one of the best recreational kites. Try it now.

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Guest blog - from Uganda

by Jean M Johnson

Read our guest blog on how our models are being used to teach chemistry in Uganda

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Share your product images

15 Aug 2013

Upload your photos of our products in action to our new gallery page

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New stand for DNA Proview model

20 June 2013

Show off our Proview DNA Model with this elegant display stand.

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Fun at the Education Show

19 Mar 2013

Thanks to everyone who dropped by to see our stand and try out our new maths set.

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New! Carbon nanotube model kit

21 Jan 2013

Make a graphene sheet, three types of nanotube and a C60 buckyball with this new kit.

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8m long carbon nanotube

10 Jan 2013

Can anyone beat the length of this amazing construction by the University of Cambridge

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Blog posting

by Cochranes

Where two strings have led us

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Postcard from Basel 2012

31 Oct 2012

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Quadruplex DNA

25 Sep 2012

Some beautiful models made by the University of Cambridge

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Orbit Material for Mathematics

13 Sep 2012

Completely updated class set for studying shape and geometry

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In Print - 50 year anniversary

23 Jul 2012

Read all about our 50th anniversary in the Oxford Times In Business magazine

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Teaching in Uganda

24 May 2012

Some great pictures of our models in action in Africa

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Watch our Tellurium video

3 Apr 2012

Check out all the topics you can teach with the Orbit Tellurium via our new video

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Get creative with maths

22 Mar 2012

Pre-packed starter kit for Maths and Art projects

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It's our 50th Anniversary!

16 Jan 2012

In 2012 we are celebrating 50 years of trading. Find out more about what to expect.

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Get out front with our new Unit sets and orbitals

10 May 2011

Unit models - perfect for front-of-class demonstrations

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More than 3.5m of DNA

27 January 2011

International Year of Chemistry - What are you going to make?

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