Back to School (or University!) with Cochranes of Oxford sets

Posted 14 July 2020

We're gearing up for Back to School and University orders at Cochranes of Oxford HQ in the heart of the Cotswolds, England, UK.

In this photograph, Kevin is packing our Orbit Material for Mathematics set which provides a flexible and fun hands-on construction resource with which to teach a wide range of curriculum topics from lower primary (Key stage 2 and 3) right up to secondary school level education.

Using this material, pupils will be able to explore the features and properties of a wide range of 2D and 3D geometric shapes and patterns, following the simple instructions and visual guides on the work cards. Topics for study include simple polygons and polyhedra, complex polyheda and duals, angles, tessellations, number patterns, symmetry and perimeter. 

Each class set includes 406 moulded joiners, 680 straws, 74 work cards and teachers notes. 

The material is compatible with the Construct-o-straws™ construction sets, Kubic bubbles and Orbit molecular modelling sets - also available to purchase here on

The Orbit Material for Mathematics set is particularly suitable for extension work and extra curricular activities such as engineering clubs too - Happy planning for the new term everybody!  

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