Recycling week - every week!

Posted 24th Sep 2018

As it's National Recycling Week in the UK we'd like to highlight some of the ways we re-use and recycle here at Cochranes of Oxford.

We've made an effort to be green in the office, re-using paper, banning the use of paper or plastic cups and recycling printer cartridges. We use a specialist recycling centre that will take old office equipment, such as computer monitors or printers.

We separate plastic sprue from our mouldings and recycle it in the moulding process. The plastic left over from making kites and molecular models is picked up by Orinoco, an Oxford-based recycling treasure-trove and used for art and craft activities. Here are Kevin Hill of Cochranes and James Mayo of Orinoco loading up bags of colourful plastic off-cuts in the Orinoco van!