Crystals and Chemistry at Oxford University's Museum of Natural History

Posted 16th Aug 2018

Crystals and their fascinating chemical structures were on show recently at Oxford’s Museum of Natural History. Cochranes’ Minit sets and v-flex bonds were used to explain the properties of crystals during Oxford Chemistry’s outreach activity in the museum on 8 August 2018.

Interested onlookers marvelled at the chemical structures and were then able to get hands-on themselves with the models. There was lots of positive feedback, including that the display was “really interesting – especially the models,” “difficult concepts [were] made more simple,” and the contents was “very easy to understand and super interesting.”

One of the highlights of the feedback received was that the day made “chemistry feel less like weird magic and more accessible.” We’re glad we could be a part of making that happen!

Thanks to organisers Dr Hamish Yeung and Anisha Bahl of the University of Oxford for their feedback and photos.

Crystal and lattice models to buy online