Kite-making masterclass with the OYAP Trust

Posted 19th Apr 2018

Over the Easter holiday OYAP Trust delivered a hands-on 2-day kite making masterclass with experienced kite maker and Airheads Kite Display Team member Doug Irvine. They made their own unique handmade, six-sided Japanese Rokkaku fighting kite with professional kite making materials with support from Cochranes of Oxford. Doug shared his collection of different kites from around the world. They discovered the fascinating history of kites, where and why they are flown. They learnt about traditional and modern kite making materials and methods and explored the science behind what makes a kite fly.

The OYAP Trust is a Bicester-based arts charity which works with young people and artists to inspire their creativity, help them build skills, contribute to their community through the arts and achieve accreditation.

Carmen Hoepper, of OYAP, said: “It was a fun weekend of developing very technical skills around the science of kites and how they fly with the support of our experienced kite maker Doug Irvine.

The group had fun developing eye-catching designs for their kites which will be flown as a part of the upcoming Bicester festival scheduled to take place on June the 17th.”

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