Orbit connectors / joints

ConnectorColourRef No.PricingQuantity
NitrogenBlue0217£7.55 per 100
0227£8.43 per 100
0242£10.07 per 100
0254£17.61 per 100
90o/ 'w' peg (e.g. for Pi-bonds)Neutral
0266£8.43 per 100
Straight jointNeutral
0490£8.43 per 100

Orbit vertices

VertexColourRef No.PricingQuantity
Orbit 'q' 3-prong, tetrahedron vertex, blackblack1502£20.30 per 100
Cubered0486£27.81 per 100
Triangular prismblue0487£27.81 per 100
Octahedrongreen0488£26.47 per 100

Orbit Flex Straws / Construct-O-Straws

Flexible straws for curved shapes and easy construction where strength is less important.
For use with Orbit Molecular, Orbit Math's and Construct-O-Straws products.

StrawsColourRef No.PricingQuantity
21 cmRed0202£5.83 per 100
21 cmWhite0203£5.83 per 100
21 cmGreen0205£5.83 per 100
21 cmBlue0204£5.83 per 100
21 cmYellow0206£5.83 per 100

Orbit Original Straws

Stiff and lightweight - good for building 3D structures.
Orbit original straw for use with Orbit Molecular, Orbit Math's and Construct-O-Straws joiners.

StrawsColourRef No.PricingQuantity
21 cmPale green0208£6.19 per 100
21 cmRed0210£6.19 per 100
21 cmGrey0211£6.19 per 100
21 cmBlue0212£6.19 per 100
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