Hydrocarbon Molecular Models Task Set for Students at Istituto San Giovanni Bosco

Posted 1st Apr 2019

Last week teacher Ettore Putortì set his students in class 3AP at the 'Istituto San Giovanni Bosco', Siena, Italy, a task using Cochranes of Oxford sets. 

The students had to build as many hydrocarbon molecular models as they could, writing down the structural formula and name. All students received the same number of atoms and bonds to work with.

“However,” explains Sig. Putortì, “the difficult thing was that once a compound was made I wrote it down on the whiteboard and then nobody else could make the same hydrocarbon! The winner was determined when the students had made three or four molecules, amalgamated with previous marks in chemistry! It was a very good practical exercise for the students, and the models worked very well!”

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