Kites for team building

The team event well very well, some frustration with equal measures of team work, problem solving and fun! Had great feedback from the teams with some kites now proudly residing in the office as a reminder.

Written By: HR Business Partner, Southern Railway

Construct-o-straws web order

Thank you for the excellent customer service and an extremely fast delivery!

Written By: Carline Muhammad (Switzerland)

Customised DNA models for an open day

Very happy with the quality of the models, and thank you very much for your help with the design.

Written By: Chris Lowe (University of Cambridge)

Individual Orbit molecular modelling sets

The Orbit lattice set arrived in France this morning. Thank you very much for a great service. I know have the Orbit lattice set and the Organic/Inorganic molecular set and am very pleased with both of them. I am now saving up to buy the Biochemistry set and look forward to purchasing it from you some time in the future.

Written By: Hazel Richards (France)

Orbit molecular modelling kits

received the molecular modeling items...thanks very much...looking forward to having my students work with your models....I have looked and used several molecular modeling kits on the market but in my opinion for the price, longevity, ease of handling by students, cost factor, etc. it is the best system out on the market. Thanks for your help in helping me on the bulk amount, size, and bonding choices.

Written By: Mark Okuda (USA)

Models for outreach activities

I have a big bag of your model kits and they are lovely! I use them a lot.

Written By: Nick Barker (University of Warwick)

Water molecule kits for open days

The kits arrived on time ... all went well at the Open Day on Saturday.

Thanks for getting them to us so fast.

Written By: Stevie Scanlan (Bangor University)

Unit models for lectures and demonstration

Iíve assembled all of the models and they are very good indeed. The construction is relatively straightforward once you get going. I think they will be a valuable addition to that part of my lecture course and they are a good size for use in tutorials as well as lectures. I have tested them with the visualiser and this works well, particularly when you move the camera around to see different angles.

Written By: Dr Kyle Galloway (University of Nottingham)

Buckyball workshops

The Buckyball kits are great! We always use them in our workshops. They allow people to discover for themselves the fabulous structure and symmetry of C60.

Written By: Jonathan Hare (University of Sussex)

Quality service - thirty years on

I recently wrote to Cochranes enquiring about a missing part from one of their products I had bought more than 30 years ago it was a simple game which had been given my own children hours of pleasure and which I now wished to pass on to my grandchildren. Not only did I receive a very prompt reply from one of the directors (whose father had actually designed and manufactured the game) but a replacement part was located and supplied completely free of charge. I would like to thank them for their excellent customer service.

Written By: Jean Fearn (UK)

Prompt processing and delivery

I would like to inform you that I received the model kits last week and I'm very happy with your prompt processing and delivery.

Written By: Dr I. K. (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Kite parts for the UK

Product perfect. Telephone assistance from Cochrane staff fantastic!

Written By: Heather Martin (UK)

Models to teach stereochemistry in Sydney

I use the models mainly in my 1st year chemistry lectures, particularly in teaching i) stereochemistry and ii) structural determination basics with NMR (helps with explaining symmetry and equivalent protons).
My Head of School was very impressed when he saw the models.

Written By: Prof. Pall Thordarson (Sydney, UNSW)

Oxford University's Museum of Natural History

Feedback on the display from the demonstrators themselves was very positive...We are using the minit parts (in a wide variety of colours and shapes) and v flex bonds cut to a scale of 1angstrom=2cm.

Written By: Anisha Bahl (University of Oxford)

Quick delivery and good fun with Grandad!

The kite was delivered so quickly it was unbelievable! Less than 24 hours after ordering it was posted through our letterbox! We had it in time for our grandson to help Grandad fly it & a good time was had by all.

Written By: Mary Scoles (UK)

Kubic Bubble Sets for the British Physics Olympiad

I purchased the Kubic Bubble Sets for the British Physics Olympiad experimental project at school. I'm very pleased with the product and would highly recommend Cochranes of Oxford.

Written By: Richard White