British Physics Olympiad 2018 Experimental Project - Kubic Bubbles

Posted 27th Jun 2018

We are delighted to hear that the British Physics Olympiad Experimental Project for 2018 is "Soap Film Surfaces and Bubbles"!

Year 10 and 11 students up and down the country are having fun up to their elbows in soapy water, experimenting with shapes and straws, air bubbles and angles between film surfaces. 

Such experiments are a fun and fabulous tool for teaching and engaging children and enabling understanding through ‘learning by doing’.  Active kinaesthetic learning appeals to children of all ages, abilities and intelligence. It is an important educational tool for teachers and parents alike at home and in the classroom.

Cochranes Kubic Bubble Set includes the pieces to make 1 set of 4 frameworks - tetrahedron, cube, prism & octahedron. It comes supplied with teachers notes and is suitable from primary to higher level education depending on the topics studied.

With this Kubic Bubble set you can make unusual and complex three dimensional film shapes supported by cubes, tetrahedrons, octahedrons, and triangular prisms. Pupils love constructing the sets and making film shapes. The sets can be used to discuss a variety of scientific and mathematical principles, from basic geometry to surface tension, light refraction and minimum energy surfaces. 

Please click on the following link if you would like to view the brief:  Physics Olympiad Experimental Project - Kubic Bubbles

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