Orbit Biochemistry Class Set

50.87 each

Learn about the chemistry of life.
400 atoms, 395 bonds, 1 activity booklet.

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Orbit Biochemistry Class Set
Product Code: 0049 In stock
£50.87 each
£45.78 each
£40.70 each
Compartmented box and a large quantity of atoms enable you to construct multiple models for group activities. The contents allow you to cover topics commonly studied at Advanced level (ages 17-18), college and university. These include amino acids; monosaccharides, glycerol, fatty acids, steroids, purines and pyrimidines, peptides, disaccharides, lipids, nucleosides, nucleotides, proteins, polysaccharides, nucleic acids.

400 atoms, 395 bonds, 44 page booklet covers the above topics

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