Orbit molecular

Easy to use, durable system with 1cm atom centers and thick bonds.

Minit molecular

Lightweight system for compact student sets and detailed structures.

Unit molecular

Extra-large system for demonstrations in classrooms and lecture theatres.

Student chemistry molecular model sets

Good quality student molecular modelling sets for school and university.

DNA, RNA models

A range of kits to show DNA structure, base pairing and DNA-RNA transciption.

Biochemistry sets for teachers and laboratories

High quality sets for teaching and studying structural biochemistry.

Organic and inorganic sets for teachers and laboratories

Easy to use, durable model kits for studying and teaching organic and inorganic chemistry.

Materials structure

Learn about the structures and properties of inorganic materials, crystals and lattices.

Fullerenes and nanotubes

Kits to make models of graphene, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes.

Detailed crystal and lattice models

Skeletal models to illustrate slip planes and axes of symmetry of metals.

Need something different?

Custom sets, bespoke models and more...

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