Orbit DNA-RNA Model

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A 12 base pair section of DNA in the process of transcribing RNA.

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Orbit DNA-RNA Kit
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£20.97 each
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Orbit DNA-RNA - Part-assembled
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This Orbit molecular model aids understanding of the process of DNA-RNA transcription.

The model shows 12 base pairs with each base (guanine, cytosine, thymine, adenine and uracil) in a different colour and the sugar rings, phosphate groups and hydrogen bonds in black, red and white respectively. Sufficient base pairings are included to show one turn of the double helix.

The strands of DNA can be joined and taken apart to demonstrate the transcription of RNA.

Suitable for GCSE and Advanced levels of education.

Kit contents: 30 bases (7 guanine, 7 cytosine, 7 thymine, 7 adenine, 2 uracil), 12 hydrogen bonds, 28 sugar rings, 25 phosphoric acid units, 50 nucleotide connectors. Support stand, instructions and RNA transcription activity

Assembled height: 50cm (20 inches)

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Orbit DNA-RNA Model

Submitted by: Mr R, France (11/09/2012)

Kit arrived quickly and was well packed. Would recommend this seller and would use again.

Quadruplex DNA

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