Orbit Basic Structures Class Set

61.13 each

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Learn about the structures of organic molecules, inorganic materials, crystals and metals.
515 atoms, 420 bonds, 1 activity booklet.

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Basic Structures Class Set
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£61.13 each
£55.02 each
£48.90 each
Compartmentalised box and a greater quantity of atoms for multi-group activities.
The booklet covers structural chemistry typically studied at GCSE level (ages 15-16).
Topics cover the structures of organic molecules, inorganic materials, crystals and metals including the structures of sulfur, sodium chloride, diamond, graphite, 12 coordinate metals, petroleum products, polymers, acids and bases, soap and detergents, nylon, water and ice.
515 atoms, 420 bonds, 24 page booklet covering the above structures.

Orbit Basic Structures Class Set

 ComponentQuantityOrder Code
Orbit Ha white1300216 
Orbit Oa red100218 
Orbit CLa green100221 
Orbit Hb white500224 
Orbit Sc yellow250228 
Orbit Od red210230 
Orbit Cj black500241 
 Orbit Nj blue60242 
Orbit Ck black750244 
 Orbit Nk blue90245 
 Orbit Ok red300246 
 Orbit Sk yellow30248 
Orbit HAll green300257 
 Orbit Ml silver300258 
Orbit Mq silver400265 
Orbit rigid mixed straws for set10207 
Orbit v flex white 21cm straw20213 
 Orbit rigid white 5cm straw600449 
 Orbit thick light grey 3.5cm straw2001303 
 Orbit thick light grey 2cm straw1501306 
 Orbit basic structures booklet10052 
 Box with compartmented tray1 

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Orbit Basic Structures Class Set

Submitted by: Dominic (08/01/2020)

I gave my 12-year old son this kit for Christmas. He has had hours of fun. Made diamond, salt, sugar, petrol (benzene), 4 isomers of propanol... Is having great fun seeing everyday materials all "coming to life". Thank you! The "bonds" could be a bit more cleanly cut though - they are tricky to get in the holes.

Response from Cochranes: Many thanks for your review & we have passed on your comment to production. Cochranes of Oxford

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