Orbit Biochemistry Individual Set

29.63 each

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A molecular model set to aid learning about about the chemistry of life.
Contents: 255 atoms, 240 bonds, 1 activity booklet.

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Orbit Biochemistry Individual Set
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£29.63 each
£26.67 each
£23.70 each
Suitable for student, teacher, researcher or a small group sharing at Advanced and University levels of education.
This Orbit Biochemistry Individual Set aids the study of amino acids; monosaccharides, glycerol, fatty acids, steroids, purines and pyrimidines, peptides, disaccharides, lipids, nucleosides, nucleotides, proteins, polysaccharides, nucleic acids.

This molecular model set contains 255 atoms, 240 bonds and a 44-page booklet which covers the above structures.

Orbit Biochemistry Individual Set

 ComponentQuantityOrder Code
Orbit Ha white770216 
Orbit Oa red120218 
Orbit CLa green20221 
Orbit Hb white130224 
 Orbit Nb blue10226 
 Orbit Ob red130227 
Orbit Sc yellow20228 
Orbit Nd blue20229 
 Orbit Od red280230 
Orbit Ne blue30231 
Orbit Ch black60236 
 Orbit Nh blue20237 
Orbit Ci black130239 
 Orbit Ni blue130240 
Orbit Cj black130241 
 Orbit Nj blue80242 
Orbit Ck black380244 
 Orbit Nk blue20245 
 Orbit Pk purple50247 
 Orbit Mk silver10251 
Orbit Ml silver10258 
Orbit X pegs40267 
Orbit v flex white 5cm straw40187 
 Orbit thick white 5cm straw151312 
 Orbit thick light grey 3.5cm straw1001303 
 Orbit thick light grey 3cm straw501304 
 Orbit thick light grey 2cm straw701306 
 Biochemistry instruction booklet10084 
Orbit thick light grey straw, 21 cm21300 
 Orbit thick green straw, 21 cm21340 

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Orbit Biochemistry Individual Set

Submitted by: Claire Doble (02/10/2019)

Great service as the set arrived within 48 hours. The set is an excellent way to learn through visual hands on practice.

Response from Cochranes: Thank you very much for taking the time to post your lovely review - we value our customer feedback and are delighted that you are happy with our set. Cochranes of Oxford.

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