Minit Biochemistry Student Set

27.76 each

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Learn about the chemistry of life.
255 atoms, 220 bonds, 1 activity booklet.

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Minit Biochemistry Student Set
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£27.76 each
£24.98 each
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Learn about amino acids; monosaccharides, glycerol, fatty acids, steroids, purines and pyrimidines, peptides, disaccharides, lipids, nucleosides, nucleotides, proteins, polysaccharides, nucleic acids.

  • Makes super lightweight and slender models using 6 mm diameter model atom centres and 3.2mm diameter model bonds.
  • This is an advanced student set in a pocket-sized container.
  • Suitable for Advanced and University levels of education.

    255 atoms, 220 bonds, 44 page booklet covers the above structures.
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    Minit Biochemistry Student Set

    Submitted by: mrs Sharon Edmunds (31/01/2019)

    will let other schools know to buy kits from you.

    Response from Cochranes: Thank you very much for your review and kind words. We hope to see you here again. All the best. Cochranes of Oxford.

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