Minit ProView DNA Model

156.60 each

A molecular model kit of more than 2000 atoms and bonds in 1 1/2 pitches of DNA double helix (15 base pairs)

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Minit ProView DNA Kit
Product Code: 0095 In stock
£156.60 each
£148.77 each
Minit ProView DNA - part-assembled
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£505.19 each
£479.93 each
This molecular model kit is an impressive molecular biology teaching resource and display model suitable for Advanced level of education.

This detailed model aids understanding of the chemistry and structure of DNA.

Building the DNA model engages and educates students. Groups can work together to make up the subassemblies 15 Thymine-Adenine and Cytosine-Guanine base pairs, sugar rings and phosphate groups which are joined together to make one and a half turns of the double helix and to show the major and minor grooves of the protein lysozyme.

Each atom is shown, colour-coded, with the correct bonding angle and coloured bonds indicate covalent or hydrogen bonding.

Constructed using the Minit molecular modelling system, the finished model is 1 metre high and 42 cms wide and can be suspended from a suitable hook.

Contents: 880 atoms and 1200 bonding straws, support plates for hanging the model plus assembly instructions and a worksheet.

Part and fully assembled versions are also available.

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