Orbit Small DNA Model

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An introductory molecular model kit to explain the structure of DNA and model strands of RNA.

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Orbit Small DNA Kit
Product Code: 0039 In stock
£5.95 each
£5.36 each
Orbit Small DNA - Assembled
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£23.88 each
£22.69 each
This simple molecular model of DNA shows six base pairs and can be used to model strands of RNA. Each base (guanine, cytosine, thymine, adenine and uracil) is shown by a different colour with the sugar rings, phosphate groups and hydrogen bonds in black, red and white respectively. It is suitable for GCSE and Advanced levels of education.

This Orbit molecular modelling kit includes: 12 bases in five colours, six hydrogen bonds, 12 sugar rings, 10 phosphoric acid units, 20 nucelotide connectors, an instruction booklet and support stand.

The model's assembled height is 24 cm (10 inches)

Orbit Small DNA Model Kit

 ComponentQuantityOrder Code
 Orbit rigid grey straw10211 
Orbit Hb white70224 
Orbit Od red130230 
Orbit Cj black130241 
Orbit Ck black10244 
 Orbit rigid green 5cm straw30455 
 Orbit yellow 2cm flex straw241133 
 Orbit rigid mixed straws for (0039)11644 
 Instruction leaflet1 

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Orbit Small DNA Model Kit

Submitted by: Ms Joanne Parbery (19/09/2018)

Simple to construct, engaged students.

Response from Cochranes: Thank you very much for your review

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Orbit Small DNA Model

Submitted by: Mr H, Aberdeen (21/05/2012)

Items arrived quickly. My teenagers are very pleased with them and are finding them helpful for their understanding of chemistry.

Quadruplex DNA

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