Orbit Organic and Inorganic Foundation Set

9.02 each

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Ideal student set for a basic chemistry course.
65 atoms, 90 bonds, model building instructions.

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Foundation Set
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£9.02 each
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Make simple models to understand chemical structures including:
- hydrocarbons: alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, benzene
- ring structures: benzene, cyclohexane
- alcohols, esters, amines and chlorides
- simple inorganic molecules - study the fundamentals of molecular shape
- the basic molecules of life - sugars, amino acids, glycerol and fatty acids
Study isomerism and optical isomerism.

For a student's self-directed work.
65 atoms, 90 bonds, model building instructions

Orbit Organic and Inorganic Foundation Set

 ComponentQuantityOrder Code
Orbit Ha white180216 
Orbit Na blue20217 
Orbit Oa red20218 
Orbit CLa green60221 
Orbit Cb black20225 
Orbit Od red60230 
Orbit Cj black60241 
 Orbit Nj blue20242 
Orbit Ck black120244 
 Orbit Nk blue20245 
 Orbit Ok red20246 
 Orbit Pk purple10247 
 Orbit Sk yellow10248 
Orbit Cl black20252 
Orbit Cm black20259 
Orbit X pegs40267 
Orbit v flex white 5cm straw60187 
 Orbit thick light grey 3.5cm straw501303 
 Orbit thick light grey 2cm straw201306 
 Orb X rigid grey 3.5cm straw153533 
 Instructions for use1 
 Clear re-usable pack1 

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Orbit Organic and Inorganic Foundation Set

Submitted by: Darrigan (25/11/2013)

This is an excellent and long life set! We use it in classroom at University of Pau (France) to illustrate VSEPR and simple organic molecules.

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