Helios Planetarium

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A geared electric orrery with a star dome

  • Suitable from Key Stage 2 to university levels of education.

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    Helios Orrery & Northern Star Dome
    Product Code: 0142 In stock
    £697.09 each
    £662.24 each
    Helios Planetarium - Northern Stars (with large Earth and Moon accessories)
    Product Code: 0150 In stock
    £775.33 each
    £736.56 each
    Helios Planetarium - Southern Stars (with large Earth and Moon accessories)
    Product Code: 0151 In stock
    £859.06 each
    £816.11 each
  • The Helios Planetarium gives a clear visualisation of the six classical planets (Mercury - Saturn) orbiting at their correct relative speed and stars remaining in their positions in the sky.

    The geared, electric orrery will delight keen astronomers of all ages and is available in three versions.

    All versions of the model (0142, 0150 and 0151) enable the study of the following topics:
  • The Planets in their orbits (length of a year, inferior and superior planets)

  • The phases of Venus

  • The Moon and its phases (external light source required)

  • Eclipse basics

  • Time - solar, sidereal and G.M.T.

  • The ecliptic and the Zodiacal constellations

  • How the planets appear to move against the night sky

  • Use of the Helios outside at night - where should the stars appear in the sky?

  • With the large Earth and Moon accessories that are included in versions 0150 and 0151 you can also watch as the Earth rotates on its axis while the Moon orbits it every 29.5 'days'.

    Using an external light source (torch, projector), the larger size of Earth and Moon enables you to demonstrate the following events much more clearly:
  • Day and night

  • Shadows and the seasons

  • The Moon's month, phases and eclipses

  • The Pole Star, circumpolar stars and a nocturnal

  • The Moon and stars from different positions on Earth

  • The tides

  • Space travel

  • Items 0142 and 0150 are supplied with a star dome for the northern hemishpere.

    Product reference 0151 is supplied with a star dome for the southern hemishpere.

    This orrery is suitable from Key Stage 2 to University levels of education.

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    Helios Planetarium - Northern Stars (with large earth and moon accessories)

    Submitted by: Martin Martin Gross (31/05/2020)

    I bought this in May 2020. It says the booklet was revised in 2019. Yet Appendix 2,Setting Longitudes for the planets is from 2006 till 2021? Please update the booklet and send me a new appendix 2. You should have some type of container to keep the spare parts in when not in use.

    Response from Cochranes: Thank you so much for taking the time to review our products and for you custom. Edit (July 2020): We are happy to have sent you a new appendix and updated the book and passed your comment on the container for the spare parts to our product team. We hope to see you again soon! Cochranes of Oxford

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