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Mini Malay Kite Making Kit - 10 pack

Follow the assembly instructions to make ten diamond kites.
Colourful plastic sails and spars, pre-cut.
Ages 5-7+ (with adult assistance)
Wingspan 36 cm

£19.06 per pack

Product Code: 0684

Standard Malay Kite Making Kit - 10 pack

Cut the spars and rigging to length and colour in the sail.
Colourmate plastic sail and wooden spars.
All parts provided. Ages 8+

£31.56 per pack

Product Code: 0685

Orbit Sled Kite Making Kit - 10 pack

Makes 10 kites
Cut the spars and rigging to length with scissors. The sail is provided cut to size.
Colourmate plastic sail and plastic spars.
All parts provided.
Ages 5+
Wingspan 36 cm

£22.38 per pack

Product Code: 0749

Standard Sled Kite Project Kit - 10 pack

Draw and cut the sail shape then decorate for your very own kite.

Colourmate plastic sail, wooden spars.
All materials supplied. For Key Stage 2-3, ages 8+.

£21.08 per pack

Product Code: 4007

Dunford Pocket Sled Kite

Ideal first kite for 4-8 year olds. With colourful, long-lasting ripstop nylon sail and no spars, this kite is super-portable and easy to fly.

£6.51 each

Product Code: 1111

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Holiday closure times
29 November 2018

...and seasonal best wishes from everyone at Cochranes of Oxford.


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14th Nov 2018

Cochranes' diamond model is used by DeBeers to educate jewellers on how to spot synthetics


Understanding - and eradicating - chemical weapons
31st Oct 2018

Cochranes' molecular models are being used by policymakers to understand chemical weapon formulations


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