Kubic Bubble Set

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Watch as soap film creates unusual 3D bubbles supported in geometric frameworks

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Kubic Bubble Set
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£6.79 each
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With this Kubic Bubble Set you can make unusual and complex 3-D film shapes supported by cubes, tetrahedrons, octahedrons and triangular prisms.

Pupils will love constructing the sets and making the different film shapes. Use the sets to discuss a variety of scientific and mathematical principles, from basic geometry to surface tension, light refraction and minimum energy surfaces.

The Kubic Bubble Set includes pieces to make a set of four frameworks - tetrahedron, cube, prism & octahedron and is supplied with teachers notes.
It is s suitable from Primary (Key Stage 2 and 3) to higher levels of education depending on the topics studied.

Kubic Bubble Set

 ComponentQuantityOrder Code
Grey tetrahedron vertex40485 
Red cube vertex80486 
Blue prism vertex60487 
Blue octahedron vertex60488 
Orbit T piece, natural40489 
 Orbit rigid green 4cm straw20454 
 Orbit rigid grey 8cm straw71206 
 Orbit rigid red 8cm straw131207 
 Orbit rigid blue 8cm straw101208 
 Orbit rigid green 8cm straw131209 
 Orbit rigid grey 4cm straw21210 
 Orbit rigid red 4cm straw21211 
 Orbit rigid blue 4cm straw21212 
 Kubic bubbles leaflet1 

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Age of user: 18+

Kubic Bubble Set

Submitted by: Tom S (15/05/2020)

I received very helpful advice and prompt delivery of some excellent components. Thank you, I have already recommended you.

Response from Cochranes: Thank you very much! Cochranes of Oxford

Verified purchase

Product quality:

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Age of user: 16 - 18

Kubic Bubble Set

Submitted by: Mr Richard White (07/11/2018)

Purchased Kubic bubble sets for British Physics Olympiad experimental project at school. Very pleased with product and would highly recommend Cochranes of Oxford.

Response from Cochranes: Thank you very much for your kind feedback, we're delighted to hear this.

Verified purchase

Product quality:

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Age of user: 5 - 8

Kubic Bubble Set

Submitted by: Mrs Aisha Sheikh (23/05/2018)

Great product for class demonstration Fast delivery

Verified purchase

British Physics Olympiad 2018 Kubic Bubbles

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