Dunford Para-Jump Mk I Pack

24.35 each

Fantastic fun for ages 6 to 15. Extra-large Fun Kite with ripple design Plus line climber with parachute.

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Dunford Para-Jump Mk I Pack
Product Code: 0812 Limited stock
£24.35 each
£21.92 each
£19.48 each
Have fun flying the diamond kite, sending the Dunford Space Shuttle up the line and chasing after the parachute that it drops from on high!

The pack includes:
- The Dunford Extra-large Fun Kite with multi-coloured ripple design that flies high.
- The Dunford Space Shuttle line climber that flies up the line carrying a small payload
and releases it when it runs into a stop fixed to the line.
- A small rubber toy and parachute payload that parachutes to the ground whilst the line
climber reverses its wings and returns to the kite flyer.

Extend the fun by experimenting with your own lightweight toy / teddyand parachutes as well as using the one supplied.

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