Orbit ColourWave Diamond Model

10.07 - 37.70 each

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Shape: Octahedron, Height: 22cm, 84 carbon atoms

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Diamond Model - Kit
Product Code: 1245 In stock
£10.07 each
£9.06 each
Diamond Model - Assembled
Product Code: 1245A Made to order in 1-5 days
£37.70 each
£35.82 each
Robust model containing sufficient atoms to see the relationships between structure and physical properties. Easy-to-build, low-cost kits, students learn as they follow the building instructions and model description. Suitable for GSCE and Advanced levels of education.
Shape Octahedron;
Height 22cm;
84 carbon atoms

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Orbit ColourWave Diamond Model

Submitted by: alison wren (04/02/2015)

I found this model really hard to make as the instructions were not clear enough. I think possibly better 3-D instructions would help, with some more use of colour. Cochranes comment: Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry you had difficulty assembling this model. We try to make our instructions clear and will consider how we can improve the instructions for this model. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Tom Cochrane.

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