Minit Carbon Nanotube Model Kit - REPLACED by Orbit Carbon Nanotube Kit reference 1401B

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Molecular model kit to construct a graphene sheet, three types of nanotube and a carbon C60 buckyball

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Minit Carbon Nanotube Kit
Product Code: 1401 Discontinued - please enquire for replacement
£0.00 each
£0.00 each
£0.00 each
*** Discontinued - Please see the Orbit version via the link in related products below***
Carbon nanotubes are one of the most intensively studied nanomaterials with their unique molecular structure resulting in several potential exciting applications in current day nanoscience.

This molecular model kit allows you to make a graphene sheet, carbon nanotube, carbon 60 (buckyball) and related structures with up to 260 carbon atoms.

Instructions are included to show how the carbon atoms can be arranged to illustrate the different symmetries of carbon rings in the nanotube to create the chair, zigzag and chiral structures.

The kit uses the Minit molecular building system

Contents: 260 atoms and 2 cm bonds
Constructed Length: 50cm

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Minit Carbon Nanotube Model Kit - REPLACED by Orbit Carbon Nanotube Kit reference 1401B

Submitted by: Aditya (24/10/2018)

This is a great kit, and I loved building the nanotube! Just one suggestion: I already had some 2.5cm bonds, and was hoping to build bigger structures with this pack. However, these bonds are 2cm long. It would be useful if this were mentioned somewhere on the page!

Response from Cochranes: Hello, Thank you for your valuable feedback. We've now adapted the product page to highlight that this kit uses 2 cm bonds. We're glad to hear you're enjoying using the kit!

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