Minit Carbon Nanotube Model Kit

25.76 each

Make a graphene sheet, three types of nanotube and a carbon C60 buckyball.

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Minit Carbon Nanotube Kit
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£25.76 each
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Carbon nanotubes are currently one of the most intensively studied nanomaterials with their unique molecular structure resulting in several potential exciting applications in current day nanoscience.

Using this kit you can make a graphene sheet, carbon nanotube, carbon 60 (buckyball) and related structures with up to 260 carbon atoms.

Instructions show how the carbon atoms can be arranged to illustrate the different symmetries of carbon rings in the nanotube to create the chair, zigzag and chiral structures.

The kit uses the Minit molecular building system and contains 260 atoms to make a nanotube model 50cm long.

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