Orbit Large Set

247.97 each

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A comprehensive set of molecular model kits that includes all the different atoms in the Orbit system.
Contents: 1260 atoms, 1100+ bonds, 4 activity / study booklets
Supplied in two premium compartmented storage boxes.

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Orbit Large Set
Product Code: 0041 In stock
£247.97 each
£235.57 each
This comprehensive molecular model set contains all the atoms in the Orbit system and is capable of making models of organic and inorganic molecules, lattices, proteins and other tertiary structures.

The Orbit Large Set contains 1260 atoms, 1100+ bonds and all four Cochranes of Oxford workbooks which cover basic structures, organic and inorganic chemistry, lattices and biochemistry are included in premium, compartmented storage boxes.

Orbit Large Set

 ComponentQuantityOrder Code
Orbit Ha white2500216 
Orbit Na blue100217 
Orbit Oa red500218 
Orbit Fa light green100219 
Orbit Sa yellow100220 
Orbit CLa green100221 
Orbit BRa blue/green100222 
 Orbit Ia dk.green100223 
Orbit Hb white400224 
 Orbit Cb black50225 
 Orbit Nb blue50226 
 Orbit Ob red200227 
Orbit Sc yellow100228 
Orbit Nd blue100229 
 Orbit Od red1200230 
Orbit Ne blue100231 
Orbit Cf brown30232 
 Orbit Pf purple100233 
Orbit Ch black200236 
 Orbit Nh blue200237 
 Orbit Oh red100238 
Orbit Ci black200239 
 Orbit Ni blue200240 
Orbit Cj black1000241 
 Orbit Nj blue500242 
 Orbit Oj red200243 
Orbit Ck black1300244 
 Orbit Nk blue100245 
 Orbit Ok red200246 
 Orbit Pk purple200247 
 Orbit Sk yellow120248 
 Orbit HALk green300250 
 Orbit Mk silver300251 
Orbit Cl black60252 
 Orbit Nl blue40253 
 Orbit Ol red140254 
 Orbit Sl yellow50255 
 Orbit HAll green250257 
 Orbit Ml silver270258 
Orbit Cm black60259 
 Orbit Nm blue40260 
 Orbit Om red40261 
 Orbit Pm purple20262 
Orbit Halp green50263 
 Orbit Mp silver200264 
Orbit Mq silver400265 
Orbit X pegs300267 
 Orbit rigid white 3.5cm straw900457 
 Orbit rigid mixed 10cm straws40491 
Orbit v flex white 5cm straw250187 
 Orbit v flex white 21cm straw20213 
 Orbit rigid white 5cm straw600449 
 Orbit thick light grey 5cm straw1501302 
 Orbit thick light grey 3.5cm straw4001303 
 Orbit thick light grey 3cm straw1501304 
 Orbit thick light grey 2cm straw2001306 
 Orb X rigid grey 3.5cm straw453533 
 Orbit basic structures booklet10052 
 Organic/ inorganic instruction booklet10082 
 Biochemistry instruction booklet10084 
 Lattices instruction booklet10083 
 Durable compartmented box 38cm20958 

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Orbit Large Set

Submitted by: Mr Michel HEITZMANN (30/09/2019)

Merci Très bien reçu, très vite. All is ok Thanks a lot.

Response from Cochranes: Thank you very much for your review - we are delighted that you are happy! With very best wishes, Cochranes of Oxford

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