The Kitepole

149.00 each

This sturdy, 12m high pole is easy to assemble and will withstand strong winds. In still air it holds the kite above the ground and re-launches it when the wind returns.
Use with the smaller MkIV kite ref. 0973.

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The Kitepole
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£149.00 each
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Save time checking and relaunching the kite. The Kitepole is an aluminium pole, in sections, 12 metres high and able to withstand strong winds.. The kite flies on 11 metres of line above the top of the pole. When there is no wind the kite dangles from the top of the pole; but as soon as the wind blows again it relaunches itself.

The Kitepole allows the kite to be used nearer buildings and trees; places usually unsuitable for flying kites.

The Kitepole will ensure that the kite is flying at dawn whenever there is wind, and this will prevent birds from coming to that field when they leave their roosts. To be used with the smaller MK IV ref. 0973.

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