Minit Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Group Set

196.70 each

Learn about the structures of organic molecules, inorganic materials, crystals and metals.
1390 atoms, 1700 bonds, 3 booklets

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Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Group Set
Product Code: 0076 In stock
£196.70 each
£186.87 each
Learn about molecular shape, stereochemisitry, isomerism and bonding in organic and inorganic molecules and complex ions. This advanced extensive set is most suitable for Advanced level in schools, universities and research laboratories.

  • Makes super lightweight and slender models using Minit 6 mm diameter model atom centres and 3.2mm diameter model bonds.
  • This is an advanced set in a durable compartmented box.
  • Suitable for Advanced and University levels of education.

    1390 atoms, 1700 bonds, 3 booklets.
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