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Minit ProView Zeolite Model

£50.29 - £231.00 each

Minit ProView C60 & C70 Fullerenes Models

Build and compare the structure of C60 and C70 fullerenes.

£12.60 - £43.43 each

Minit ProView Diamond Model

Shape: Octahedron
Atoms: 450

£44.40 - £191.00 each

Minit ProView Graphite Model

Shape: 4 layers to represent flake.
Atoms: 350

£40.62 - £147.00 each

Minit ProView Zinc Blende Model

Shape: truncated tetrahedron
360 atoms

£44.40 - £147.00 each

Minit ProView Wurtzite Model

Shape: hexagonal prism
1000 atoms

£105.00 - £509.00 each

Minit ProView Sodium Chloride Model

Shape: Cube
350 atoms

£41.83 - £191.00 each

Minit ProView Rutile Model

Shape: tetragonal prism
2000 atoms

£158.00 - £972.00 each

Minit ProView Ice Model

Shape: extended prism to represent snowflake
420 atoms

£41.83 - £147.00 each

Minit ProView Lead Iodide Model

Shape: hexagonal plate
350 atoms

£36.90 - £75.47 each

Minit ProView Beta-Quartz Model

Shape: capped hexagonal prism
1400 atoms

£92.00 - £526.00 each

Minit ProView Calcite Model

Shape: rhomb
540 atoms

£39.47 - £153.00 each

Minit ProView Mica Model

Shape: A flake
1550 atoms

£219.00 - £1,000.00 each

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Jodrell Bank Observatory named as newest UNESCO World Heritage Site in the UK
8th Jul 2019

... The observatory becomes the 32nd UNESCO World Heritage Site in the UK and joins the prestigious list alongside international sites such as Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal.


Orbit Model System Proves a Hit at Kingston Grammar School
21st Jun 2019

"Model building proved quite fiddly and tricky to complete in the time, but some excellent progress on an atom-scale model using @CochranesOxford Orbit model system."


Hydrocarbon Molecular Models Task Set for Students at Istituto San Giovanni Bosco
1st Apr 2019

Teacher Ettore Putortě set his students a task using Cochranes of Oxford molecular model sets...


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