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Orbit ProView Fluorite Model

Octahedron molecular model comprising 470 atoms

£59.15 - £210.00 each

Orbit ProView Caesium Chloride Model

Rhombic dodecahedron molecular model containing 170 atoms

£59.15 - £128.00 each

Orbit ProView Iron Model

Orbit, body centred cubic molecular model (irregular grain shape) containing 140 atoms

£36.90 - £115.00 each

Orbit ProView Magnesium Model

Orbit, hexagonal close packed (irregular grain shape) molecular model containing 190 atoms

£102.00 - £198.00 each

Orbit ProView Copper Model

Orbit, cubic close packed (face centred cubic) molecular model containing 180 atoms

£102.00 - £216.00 each

Orbit ColourWave Diamond Model

Octahedron molecular model kit. Contents: 84 carbon atoms

£10.07 - £37.70 each

Orbit ColourWave Graphite Model

Three layered molecular model Contents: 94 carbon atoms

£10.07 - £37.70 each

Orbit ColourWave C60 Fullerene Model

Carbon 60 Buckminsterfullerene molecular model

£7.61 - £25.12 each

Orbit ColourWave Sodium Chloride Model

Cube molecular model set Contents: 125 sodium and chloride atoms

£15.27 - £67.45 each

Orbit ColourWave Ice Model

A snowflake shaped molecular model kit Contents: 96 oxygen atoms

£10.07 - £37.70 each

Orbit ColourWave Iron Model

Shape: Irregular, Height: 20cm, Contents: 71 iron atoms

£15.27 - £58.87 each

Orbit ColourWave Magnesium Model

Shape: Irregular, Height: 14cm, Contents: 38 magnesium atoms

£15.27 - £58.87 each

Orbit ColourWave Copper Model

Shape: Irregular, Height: 17cm, Contents: 38 copper atoms

£15.27 - £58.87 each

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