Large Atom spheres

The 44 mm diameter 'universal' spheres have holes into which the pegs are pushed to make prongs at all required angles.

Ref No.PricingQuantity
White sphere0389£28.22 per 10
Blue sphere0390£28.22 per 10
Red sphere0391£28.22 per 10
Black sphere0392£28.22 per 10
Green sphere0393£28.22 per 10
Silver sphere0394£28.22 per 10
Yellow sphere0395£28.22 per 10

Small Univalent Atom Spheres

The 25mm diameter white univalent spheres

Ref No.PricingQuantity
Single-hole Sphere v1 with cap to fit alloy bonds0388£10.84 per 10
Single-hole Sphere v2 to fit Unit plastic tube bonds4150£10.84 per 10


Use different shaped pegs to connect the spheres and bonds at the correct angle.

Ref No.PricingQuantity
Radial peg0396£9.00 per 20
Polar peg0397£9.00 per 20
Tetrahedral & 8 coordinate peg0398£9.00 per 20
12 coordinate peg0399£9.00 per 20
Org/inorg chemistry pegs - 72 per pack0400£18.20 each
Radial (flat) peg0426£9.00 per 20

Rigid Plastic Grey Bonds

Plastic tubes (Version 2) fit over the prongs to connect the spheres

Ref No.PricingQuantity
Rigid Plastic Bonds-
42 mm
4140£0.88 per 10
Rigid Plastic Bonds-
65 mm
4141£1.32 per 10
Rigid Plastic Bonds-
83 mm
4142£1.72 per 10
Rigid Plastic Bonds-
125 mm
4143£2.56 per 10
Rigid Plastic Bonds-
180 mm
4144£3.71 per 10

Alloy bonds

Metal (Version 1) fit over the prongs to connect the spheres

ItemRef No.PricingQuantity
Alloy bonds -
65 mm
4080£10.99 per 10
Alloy bonds -
83 mm
4081£13.02 per 10
Alloy bonds -
125 mm
4082£17.68 per 10

Flexible White Bonds

Flexible vinyl tubes fit over the prongs to connect the spheres

Ref No.PricingQuantity
Flexible bonds -
90 mm
4084£7.13 per 10

NEW Orbitals for VSEPR and Orbital theory (Unit system)

ItemRef No.PricingQuantity
White orbital - pack of 61957£15.02 per pack
Black orbital - pack of 61958£15.02 per pack
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