UFO rotational kites

Be amazed - watch as the WHOLE kite spins in the air in a kaleidoscope of colour.

Orbit Tellurium 2

An excellent teaching model of the Sun, Earth and Moon system with a 14 page booklet

Orbit Colourwave models

Robust, low cost, easy-to-build kits and assembled models with coloured bonds.

Helios Planetarium

This stunning fully electric model includes a Star Dome and large-Earth set-up.

Orbit model sets for crystals & lattices

Easy to use, durable system with 1cm atom centers and new thicker bonds.

Minit model sets for crystals & lattices

Good quality system for making lightweight student sets and detailed structures.

Magnetic Induction

Induce a current to light the LED and use the kit to demonstrate Lenz's Law.

Unit demonstration model set for crystals and lattices

Extra-large system for demonstrations in classrooms and lecture theatres.

Fully and partly assembled models of DNA

Study the base pairs, double helix and hydrogen bonds with these 3d models of DNA.