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Unit  Set Version2 - Plastic bonds


Unit Large Demonstration Set Version2 - Plastic bonds
Product Code: 1962
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New Version2: Now with plastic bonds

With the Unit Large Demonstration Set you can build models of hydrocarbons, alcohols, amines, organic and inorganic acids and bases, carbohydrates, benzene, chlorinated molecules, inorganic molecules and more - that the whole class can see!

Demonstrate rotating single bonds and non-rotating double and triple bonds, structural isomers and optical isomers, ring structures, the chair-boat ‘flip’ of cyclohexane and VSEPR theory.
This versatile system offers great flexibility for teachers and lecturers:

  • Structures can be seen from the back of the class
  • Bonds and atoms are to scale for accuracy at 8.5cm per 100pm
  • Sturdy pegs join all atoms and bonds at any bond angle
  • Easy to handle, build and take apart
  • Highly durable plastic parts create long-lasting models
  • Full range of supplementary atoms, bonds and orbitals available

Set contains 70 atom spheres with bonding pegs and 90 plastic bonds.

Prices: 1-4   £108.00   each
5-9   £102.60   each
10+   £97.20   each
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